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Fred Koschara email: wfredk (at)
16 Brookings Street mobile: 617 / 792 - 4320
Medford, Massachusetts 02155-4403 personal Web page:

Ultimate Career Goal

I am working toward the design, construction and habitation of space colonies in the shortest possible time frame, to allow expansion of the human race beyond the current terrestrial limitations, and to allow independent living groups the opportunity to decide their own fate. I do not foresee realization of this goal within the present government-structured space programs. Therefore, I am working toward achieving my objectives through for-profit commercial enterprises.

See my Current Projects page for more information.


Immediate Employment Objective

I aim to be the chief architect/designer of a major commercial (for-profit private enterprise) space exploration and development company, the system-level idea man, painting with broad strokes, identifying the science and technology needed to build the complete system.

Until that opportunity is offered, I am available for positions where my background and interests can quickly benefit my employer, and to expand my skills in additional or supporting efforts. I am interested in "conventional" software jobs: An ideal situation would be a "concept to completion" one involving in the entire development cycle, preferably a [robotic] hardware product as well as software. I am also interested in Internet and Web application development and integration work where I could utilize my extensive recent experience with PHP and MySQL.

I am interested in work in the metro Boston, Massachusetts area, or offsite/telecommuting work arrangements. I am primarily looking for "short term" contract or consulting jobs, but I may consider a full-time ("permanent") position offering a particularly attractive combination of interesting work in line with my long-term objectives, and suitable compensation.

My most recent work is secure O/S, Web and network system development, including ecommerce, GUI and CLI design using PHP, HTML, JavaScript (with and without jQuery) , AJAX, CSS, and Python, MySQL and PostgreSQL interfaces in PHP, Python and C++ ('nix & Windows), C/C++ for Windows (desktop, CE), client/server (Windows/FreeBSD) application development in C++ including protocol design, Ruby on Rails, PHP, C/C++, and Perl CGI scripts, and hardware design; my diverse background also covers other languages and systems. My expertise and interests are in user-interface design, real-time systems, image processing, controls and robotics, hardware integration, diagnostics and debugging. I am experienced in start-to-finish system and software design: I built several programs from idea through completed software, including installation and setup utilities, user manuals, and online Help; four active on the Internet. I have done Java and C# tutoring; and have installed, configured, and managed PC network systems.


Microprocessor Software Design Expertise

Assembly languages: 80x86/Pentium, 8051, 8035, 8044, 8085, 6800, 6301, Z80/Z800/64180, Z8000, RT-11, PIC
High-Level Languages: C/C++, PHP, HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript, SQL, Java, Perl, Ruby/Rails, CGI, XML, BASIC, PL/M-80/86, TECO, FORTRAN, PASCAL
Development Packages: Microsoft MFC, jQuery, WordPress, VisualStudio .NET, Windows Help compiler, Macromedia Flash, InstallShield, NSIS (open source installer), Notes C/C++ API, Greenleaf Comm++, zApp, Sequiter CodeBase 5.0, Magma Systems MEWEL library, Metagraphics MetaWINDOW library, Phar Lap 286-DOS Extender
Application Packages: MySQL, Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Word, PCBArtist, Qcad, DesignCAD 3D, AutoCAD LT, Generic CADD, OrCAD, Caligari trueSpace 2 & 3, Corel Draw, FoxBASE+/dBase III, WordPerfect, Lotus Manuscript, Lotus Notes, Lotus Magellan, Lotus Express
Operating Systems & Environments: MS/PC-DOS through v.6.22, Windows 3.0/3.1/3.11/98 / NT 3.51/4.0 / 2000/XP/7 / CE (PocketPC 2002/2003), FreeBSD through 10.2, Linux (multiple distros including CentOS 5 & 6, RHEL 4, 5), Android 4.4 - 6 (KitKat - Marshmallow), Unix, OS/2 Warp, Lantastic network system, Tandy DeskMate, AmigaDOS, Macintosh, Novell networks (user), VAX/VMS (user)


Microprocessor Hardware Design Expertise

Microprocessors: Intel 80x86, 8051, 8085, 8035, 8344, Microchip PIC16F88*, PIC32MX*, Motorola 6800, 68000, Hitachi 6301, 64180, National NSC-800, Zilog Z8, Z80, Z800, Z8000
Technologies: Microprocessor system architecture, network controllers, ZigBee, USB, RS-232 communication system design, CMOS, TTL and ECL circuit design, memory system design, disk-, user-, and analog-interface techniques, in-circuit emulation and debugging, PC board design and power distribution, system packaging, hardware integration


Management/Financial Experience

Self-employed consultant, Owner/President of personal computer company, credit counselor and investment advisor, retail store manager, loan broker


Employment History

Note: Most of my work history is in contract and consulting positions.

Apperian, Inc., Boston, MA. Senior Software Engineer. 9/2014 - 8/2016.
Architect, design and develop a secure Android tablet including DAR (Data At Rest), DIU (Data In Use) and DIM (Data In Motion) components. Chiefly responsible for design and implementation of the secure file system, selection of the AES/XTS library used for encryption. Wrote test and validation tools, documentation and supporting scripts. Debugging and support of application wrapping system. Primarily C and Java programming for Android in a Linux development environment in a VM hosted on a Mac.

Doble Engineering, Watertown, MA. PHP Developer. 12/2013 - 8/2014.
Convert a Java-based email preprocessor to a stand-alone PHP list mailer application. Add features, Web-based interface and control pages. Write user manual for updated program and Web interface. Object oriented PHP, HTML, jQuery/Javascript, AJAX and CSS development.

HelmetHub, Boston, MA. Python programmer. 9/2013 - 10/2013.
Add missing features to to embedded Python code for a bike helmet dispenser., Peabody, MA. Evangelist. 3/2013 - Present.
I'm trying to save the world: We are going to run out of oil, most likely in the lifetime of some who are alive today. Before that happens, we will run out of cheap energy. When that happens, there's will be starvation, civil unrest, warfare and the collapse of civilization - maybe even the end of humanity if the wars get too far out of hand. Space Power Now is a political, economic and educational action organization established to raise public awareness of the critical nature of the energy crisis looming in the near future, and how solar power delivered from satellites in Earth orbit is the only reasonable long-term solution. Through these efforts we aim to protect the future of civilization, and of humanity itself.

MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA. Web developer 3/2013 - 6/2013.
Rebuilt the school's home page during the interview process and as my first project to incorporate a new design and object-oriented programming practices. Cleaned up PHP notices and warnings to make error_log useful for debugging. Built the Executive Education page for the Spring 2013 Alumni magazine. Built the Big Idea 2013 campaign's site, converting the hand coded HTML 2012 site to object-oriented PHP. Created a system of prototypes and a PageFrame.php file to make page development easier, more consistent, and to support OOP. Updated titles and <meta> tags on approx. 180 pages for SEO. Updated page content in response to Web requests. Cleaned up PHP and HTML code on many pages to eliminate XHTML validation errors. Updated the Alumni Reunion 2013 pages with post-event information. Wrote a PHP code style guide. Created a file upload system staff members can use to upload [PDF] files to the cluster where the production server is running. Wrote procedures for updating Media Highlights XML files to support passing ampersands through several layers of XML parsing being used. Tutored other developers re. PHP best practices and object oriented programming. Worked on moving PHP-based sites to Ektron CMS., Peabody, MA. Inventor. 10/2012 - Present.
The Original Prototype has been established as an engineering and design center for electronic, mechanical and electromechanical systems. Examples include hand-held devices, robotics, stereo vision equipment and miniature machines. We have expertise available to bring your concept into reality, potentially including support for short run production.
Current project: Develop a new type of electronic cigarette ("vape").
Previous project: Develop an Arduino-based "Automatic Rocket Controller" to cut costs, to enhance uniformity and accountability, and to improve the end user's experience. Arduino software development, prototype shield circuitry for interfacing customer equipment, debugging Arduino development tools. Once the initial development is finished, a custom board will be designed for initial production.

Active Broadband Networks, Framingham, MA. Network system software development. 1/2010 - 5/2012.
Design, develop and optimize software systems used by major cable system operators to monitor and control resource usage of millions of subscribers. Major rewrite of mission-critical usage analysis system, design and implement data aggregation component to support storing 2 months of data in progressively lesser granularity, major rewrite of database ETL system used for analysis and reporting including design and implementation of a plug-in architecture system, high-availability cluster configuration user interface, support data replication between cluster primary and backup, major contributions in writing a customer portal system built on LifeRay, wrote (and rewrote 3 times) GUI controls for tiered/timed "sliding window" congestion management application, system administration CLI command development in Python, help design and implement a totally new prepaid service offering. Extensive work rewriting the whole Web GUI to provide a more uniform user experience, enhancements using Javascript and CSS. Software test plan execution and updates. Source code control using Mercurial. Back-end coding was primarily Python and PostgreSQL stored procedures with some shell scripting, and most of the user interface work was done with PHP, Javascript, CSS and Java.

L5 Software Development, Boston, MA. Software Developer, Consultant. 9/1995 - present.
Web site design and production, Web application development, contract programming, hardware/software system design and development, commercial desktop software development, FreeBSD Web hosting, source control using Mercurial, svn, cvs and SourceSafe

  • Web site design/coding: I have been designing and building Web sites and components in LAMP environments ('L' is Linux and/or FreeBSD, 'P' is primarily PHP, also Perl) for over 16 years. The work has involved nearly every modern Web technology, including AJAX, CSS and XML, included addressing cross-browser (Firefox vs. IE) compatibility issues, and has required development in many languages including (X)HTML, Javascript and jQuery, SQL, Java and Unix shell scripting. I am extremely familiar with eComerce, having written two custom shopping cart systems to handle complex product and pricing issues, including and PayPal gateways for online payment processing. My PHP experience started with writing procedural code with PHP 3 and has grown to include object-oriented programming using PHP 5. In building various sites I used custom code, frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, and content management systems including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, and I use PaintSho Pro extensively for graphic design work.
  • Web application development: In addition to public-facing Web sites, I have worked on several "back-end" Web applications. This work included designing client/server communication protocols, building application servers in C/C++ for Linux/FreeBSD, interfacing Web services using SOAP and XML, and high throughput (400 million+ hits per month) server code to update Flash banner ads in real time using MySQL data while simultaneously logging user metrics.
  • Contract programming: I worked on many projects, primarily using C/C++. The work included a winCE device driver, updates for proprietary server applications, and serial communications code between custom hardware and PocketPC devices. I also worked on a video switcher application, both implementing a unique user interface and some video processing internals, and on Y2K date remediation. In addition, I worked on a Symbian multi-modal browser for use in cell phones, and contributed significant portions of the code for a high-security ID card printing system.
  • Hardware/software system design and development: I was the primary contributor in two iterations of the hardware and software architecture definition and design of an intelligent thermostat system to contain heating costs in landlord-heated apartments. I did all of the hardware design, component selection, power supply design, schematic capture, PC board layout, software design, and made substantial contributions coding 8051 and 8- and 32-bit PIC microprocessors.
  • Commercial desktop software development: I have written several software applications that I marketed with varying degrees of success through the Internet, including Web development tools, search spiders and media collecting robots. I have also developed several "desktop-only" applications (ones with no Internet code) including a utility for eliminating duplicate files, time logging software, and calendar applications.
  • FreeBSD Web hosting: I ran an Apache-on-FreeBSD hosting service a few years, getting intimate knowledge of server configuration, operation and security including SSL, Kerberos, wrote custom shell scripts automating common hosting tasks.
  • Clients:
    • DesignBlox, Adroit Interactive, Boston, MA. Web application development. 7/2007 - 1/2009.
      Develop server code to update dynamic Flash banners in real time using (MySQL) database data, LAMP environment (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, 5). Optimize code to support high throughput (400 million+ hits per month). Develop PHP cron scripts for report generation. Develop administrative tools in PHP and shell script language for system and user control using PHP SSH and OpenSSL for secure Web communication and database encoding, bug tracking using BugZilla and Redmine. Support Ruby/Rails MVC user interface updates and enhancements. Web development for, a financial services site, including credit scoring through SOAP XML interface, administrative page enhancements, credit report reformatting, and SSN validation using Social Security Administration rules, cron script automatically updates tables each month. Address cross-browser (Firefox vs. Internet Explorer) compatibility issues. Design and implement customer login system, online apartment rental application for a property management company ( with admin review, email notifications, document upload and management, and multiple level admin access. Web sites all hosted in LAMP environments. (Adroit spun off from DesignBlox in November 2008.)
    • Intelligent Building Controls, Portland, ME. Product development partnership. 2/2007 - 2/2009. Telecommuting (offsite) development.
      Hardware/software architecture definition and design of a communicating, recording intelligent thermostat system to be used to contain heating costs in landlord-heated apartments. System includes thermostat modules communicating via ZigBee protocol capable of writing to USB drives (host protocol), a ZigBee USB dongle with Windows and Linux device drivers (device and host protocols), portable ZigBee reader with a docking station, and ZigBee repeater modules. Duties include all hardware design and component selection, power supply design, schematic capture, PC board layout, software design and coding for 8- and 32-bit PIC microprocessors and host computers (Windows and Linux), platform-independent monitoring software, manufacturing database design and development, and Web site development (LAMP hosting environment - Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP).
    • OuterLink Corporation, Lowell, MA. Windows software development. 9/2006 - 1/2007. Telecommuting (offsite) development.
      winCE 4.2 device driver development to implement a unidirectional serial loopback port, and an installation program for the driver. The software was also verified under winCE 5.0.
    • Visual Venue, Wayland, MA. Windows software development. 5/2005 - 9/2006. Telecommuting (offsite) development.
      Develop a non-standard Windows GUI for a software-based video switcher using MFC, targeted to run in a .NET environment on Windows XP. DirectShow filter design and implementation. System architecture and code redesigns. FireWire device control.
    • Agori LLC, Boston, MA. Multiple development projects. 9/2003 - 5/2005. Telecommuting (offsite) development.
      Debug and complete TCP/IP server ActiveX control (Visual C++ code), build Visual Basic demonstrator application showing correct usage. Update custom Web server for increased performance playing proprietary video files. Create Windows-based video file viewer for the proprietary files. Debug serial communication between Xray fluorescence (XRF) analysis tool and PocketPC 2003 PDA. Update user interface of PocketPC PDA application, repair PDA report generator. Convert PDA API to DLL for use with other application environments. Support end user DLL interface coding. Contributions to multi-platform (winCE, Symbian) multimodal browser development including C++ OOD, automatic speech recognition, interface architecture. Design and implement win32 application for downloading XRF data from winCE PDA. winCE multimodal browser development work including ASR encapsulation, state machine design and implementation, custom hardware button handling, system event listener interface, system integration. Technical documentation, specification writing.
    • Computer Software Designs, Westborough, MA. Product development partnership. 4/2003 - 7/2003. Telecommuting (offsite) development.
      System-level design, design hardware for intelligent thermostat system, select components, schematic capture, PC board layout using Qcad, order prototype boards and components, electronic circuit assembly, programming in PBASIC for Parallax BASIC Stamp and in assembler for Philips 80C552 (8051 core).
    • Agori LLC, Cambridge, MA. Windows software development. 3/2003 - 4/2003. Telecommuting (offsite) development.
      Design and develop a JPEG-to-AVI conversion system, integrate it into an existing Web server product. Design and build test harnesses for module development and verification. Investigate JPEG-in-BMP still image and AVI file formats. Visual C++ development and test environment, targeted to run under Windows 2000.
    • TF Software LLC, Merrimack, NH. VAX/VMS software development. 5/1998 - 12/1998.
      Design, document, and develop a multi-threaded, cross platform terminal intercept software module for real time date remediation in, and validation of, an encapsulation Y2K solution for VAX/VMS systems. Design and build test harnesses for module development and verification. Visual C++ development and test environment, targeted to run under Windows NT/95, ROM-based MS-DOS, and within a VAX driver. Test code built using named pipes demonstrated across a LAN connection.
    • Progress Software Corporation, Bedford, MA. Software QA. 3/1998 - 4/1998.
      QA developer in Internationalization group for multi-platform fourth-generation database language products.
      I am not interested in further QA assignments.
    • Safety Net Solutions, Salem, NH. Windows software development. 9/1995 - 1/1997, 4/1997 - 8/1997. Telecommuting (offsite) development.
      Develop, implement & document major sections of multi-thread ID card printing system. Tasks included design and implement the user interface; implement finite-state-machine; design and implement serial interface, protocol, diagnostics, and state machine for hot roll laminator and Datacard printer using Greenleaf Comm++; interface digital I/O boards including installation diagnostics; image compression and encoding; interface Windows NT Registry, programmatic change of Registry key security settings; optimize image merge code (approx. 6x speed-up over the Accusoft image library calls previously used); develop wrapper class for 2D barcode library. All work performed off-site, coordinated through "weekly" team meetings and email discussions. Developed for Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 using MFC and Visual C++ 2.2, 4.1, and 5.
  • Web site development:
    These are a few examples; in addition to work-for-hire projects I have developed, I own over 1000 domain names, some of those are more developed than others...
    • Web Code Sample 5/2009.
      PHP/MySQL coding sample application, Web page includes link to specification document, link to request the source code;
    • CFO Rising 3/2009 - 4/2009.
      implement access control system for a video on demand service, optimize Web code and presentation;
    • Photo By Fred 2004-present.
      a photographic art site with a featured picture changed daily by a PHP cron script, includes slide show and calendar reviews of previously displayed images, and a subscription program (in development) to update subscriber's Windows desktop background each day with the latest image through a custom developed client/server protocol, the protocol also supports dynamically updating marketing messages displayed in the client application, image manipulation tools to simultaneously generate watermarked wallpapers at multiple resolutions;
    • Limited Edition Photo 2004-present.
      a limited edition photo sales (ecommerce) site with pictures automatically added to the catalog by a PHP cron script each day, including sample pictures at various locations on the site automatically changed with each page visit, full shopping cart implementation, including PayPal integration, offline order forms, auction sales (in development), prices incremented based on the number of sales of a print, full administration section;
    • L5 Development Group 1997-present.
      a commercial (for profit), privately funded, space exploration and development program featuring an extensive icon-based navigation system with many custom graphics, an online newsletter, banner swappers, a keyword access system, a MySQL database system for membership data, and online registration and feedback forms supported by internally developed PHP and Perl CGI scripts
    • FKE Internet 2001-2006.
      a (Web) domain hosting service with domain registration provided through integration with an ICANN-recognized registrar's affiliate program;
    • L5 Software Development 1997-present.
      a commercial software and shareware marketing site with ecommerce support using integrated PayPal credit card processing, online file download operations, online registration forms supported by internally developed PHP and Perl CGI scripts, MySQL database for customer and order records;
    • 2000-2003.
      a local music site featuring online file upload and download operations, RealServer streaming music server, MySQL database system for membership, artist, track, and club information, forms and handlers for online membership registration, song, and administrative data maintenance, shopping cart system (eCommerce) integrated with Web services API for real-time credit card processing, built to allow visitors to purchase tracks for immediate download or compilation into custom CDs, in addition to T-shirts, posters, etc., online messaging system allows site visitors to contact artists or staff without revealing email addresses, password-protected administrative tools for sending emails to current and prospective members, for picture validation, and for database maintenance, an online newsletter, banner swappers, a keyword access system, site developed using PHP, Perl, Javascript, CGI scripts, music validation tool on Windows built to communicate with remote database server also executes telnet commands and FTP file uploads and downloads, sends email; I am also doing all of the site's FreeBSD system and server setup and administration, including Apache, Sendmail, PHP, Perl, BIND, RealServer, and MySQL installation, upgrades and maintenance;
    • FredLines™ T-Shirts 1997-2003.
      an online catalog with over 150 shirt designs and books driven by a PerlShop (shopping-cart script) version customized by L5 Software Development; this site is currently being transitioned to PHP and MySQL to restore and update functionality;
    • 2009-present.
      "The site for L5 business development," a WordPress-based site, shares the installed code base with a blog on;
    • 2003-present.
      my personal home page, the WordPress blog shares the installed base code with;
    • Changes Wellness and Nutrition Consulting 2004.
      a diet and nutrition consulting site built using PHP and MySQL, email response forms, database driven membership system, resource pages and picture swapper, ecommerce support through PayPal integration, secure Admin control panel, graphic design;
    • Gifts From Brokers 2004-2005.
      an ecommerce site selling personalized door mats and other gifts to real estate brokers built using PHP and MySQL, secure credit card forms and Admin control panel, order information reports delivered through custom file download;
    • Juliablueyes 2005-2006.
      an adult site built using PHP and MySQL, with video clips, photo galleries, a daily journal, site tour, member-written tributes, phpBB discussion forums, ecommerce support through an offshore credit card processor, secure Admin control panel, graphic design;
    • Stop Highway Robbery 1999-2008.
      a political site to "end legalized highway robbery committed against the driving public" with an online discussion system and animated graphics
  • Commercial software products:
    • BannerAds™ join multiple affiliate programs with one banner
      a CGI banner swapper written in C++, with a Windows dialog-based administration utility (download RdfToolhere for free) with many advanced user-interface enhancements, a complete online Help system, and an InstallShield setup
    • GetGamae a picture collecting robot
      a multi-threaded Internet application that retrieves hourly-posted pictures from a predefined set of Web sites, includes a thumbnail preview window, logging operations, updating the desktop wallpaper, remote license monitoring and usage reporting, pseudo-random collection simulates a human operator, user interface can be turned off for background operation, package includes a complete Help system and an InstallShield installation system
    • KeywordGo™
      a CGI program originally written in C++, now converted to PHP, provides keyword access to popular pages for Web sites
    • MCspider™
      a multi-threaded Internet application that searches the World Wide Web to generate a list of unique email addresses meeting customer-specified criteria
    • ThmIndxr™ the only HTML thumbnail/indexer you need!
      creates HTML index pages and thumbnail images from directories of image files, processes GIF and JPEG images, a Windows NT console application with Registry stored configuration, two dialog-based configuration file editors and a launch application, online Help, User's Guide, and setup program
    • wCapLock™
      Windows message filter that makes the CapsLock key act like a typewriter
    • TodaysNews™ online newsletter
      a suite of C/C++ CGI programs and supporting files for creating, updating, and archiving "Today's News" pages on Web sites, with individual articles saved asXML files, currently being converted to PHP for use with MySQL tables for news storage
    • DozeCal™
      a dialog based, multi-view Windows calendar application
    • TLog™ Time Logging Suite
      time logging software (written for multi-platform portability)
    • KillDupe™
      an extensively configurable program to search an network to find, report and eliminate duplicate files, a Windows NT console application

Melexis, Inc., Cambridge, MA. Manufacturing Technician. 8/2009 - 9/2009.
Program automotive camera module FPGAs. Epoxy fill access ports. Camera module testing. Debug test system. Support test data analysis.

Lotus Development Corporation, Cambridge, MA. Development Manager, CI. 5/1999 - 12/1999.
Analyze customer concept and requirements. Design and develop an NT console application to implement a multi-threadeddata mining tool using Lotus Notes C/C++ API. Program reads search profiles from a Notes database, searches Web, newsgroup and Notes database sources; performs linguistics analysis; generates hit reports when search criteria match occurs and notifies profile owners via (Notes) email, network interfacing through WinInet and WinSock. Initial setup is done with a custom setup wizard, operating parameter [re]configuration supported by a property-page dialog window setup and administration utility, built with a complete online Help system. Debug supported by a dialog-based custom log viewer utility, also with a complete online Help system; thread selection is done using a "tree" display control, the dialog also includes field selection and trace level filtration controls.
approx. 39,000 lines of code as of 12/31/1999.

Sensitech, Inc., Beverly, MA. Program Architect. 4/1994 - 9/1995.
Full product design and development, concept through finished code: extensible multi-platform GUI application to interface environmental monitoring devices through serial ports, and to display, store and print retrieved data in graphic and text formats, including printer support, file format design and I/O code, and export to external applications. Develop diagnostic programs for design lab. Developed for Windows using zApp, Greenleaf Comm++, and Visual C++ 1.5 with MFC. Design objectives include support multiple versions (customer, distributor and in-house), and internationalization (early version sent to Japan for to NEC computer and operating system port, program text translated to French). Rewrote Help text to correct technical errors, support new features. Enhancements to Manufacturing Department software for product label generation.

KeySoft Corporation, Williamsville, NY. Programmer. 6/1993 - 4/1994.
Full product development from customer design through finished code: Windows appointment calendar system (Forget-Me-Nots, an advertising give-away) using Windows SDK and Microsoft C/C++ 7.0 with MFC, dBase compatibility provided by CodeBase; worked on porting the program to DOS using MEWEL & MetaWINDOW libraries and Phar Lap 286|DOS Extender. Wrote advertising development tools used by both KeySoft and their customers to customize the program. Made significant contributions to product design enhancements, wrote both DOS and Windows installation programs.

Lotus Development Corporation, Cambridge, MA. Programmer. 5/1991 - 12/1991.
Programming 8086 assembler, C, and Pascal product enhancements: 1-2-3 for DeskMate, Lotus Works. Implemented landscape printing and laser printers support for DeskMate, corrected several bugs. Lotus Works efforts included clipboard data system design and implementation; user interface and file system debug and enhancement; fixing spreadsheet code; and directory window file viewer code. Used Lotus Notes and Lotus Express for e-mail, reporting, and communications.

FKE, Computer Software Designs, Westborough, MA. Product development partnership. 2/1991 - 5/1991.
Design and implement TSR database program for medical offices; supervise database development and verification; write user manual; manufacture serialized/copy-discouraged distribution disks. Marketing resulted in a few sales.

Lotus Development Corporation, Cambridge, MA. Programmer. 6/1990 - 8/1990.
Write design specifications to port Lotus 1-2-3 to the Amiga computer system, adapting the existing Macintosh 68000 code. C language programming in a multitasking environment of prototype software.

Lotus Development Corporation, Cambridge, MA. Programmer. 2/1989 - 10/1989.
C and 8086 assembler programming to port Lotus 1-2-3 to Tandy's DeskMate operating environment (graphical window-based user interface). Development of CASE tools used internally in the effort. Successfully completed in time for shipment of the finished program to Radio Shack stores for the Christmas buying season, which was a primary objective.

FKE, Boston, MA, Mt. Morris, NY, Londonderry, NH. Consulting & product development work. 11/1985 to present.
I've written well over 300,000 lines of code (primarily C, C++ and assembler) in this time, in addition to work done in full-time contract positions. I am working on several projects, and plan to continue to do so in my spare time, including: DOS device driver for clock display and sound functions; DOS and Windows graphics image processing software; database tools and programs to support my Web and other businesses. My development work has also included:

  • Windows program development:
    • GIFPaint.exe, Windows 3.1 compatible GIF image editing program (in development)
  • C and assembly programming of FKE-owned MS-DOS (character mode) software:
    • MKDBFILS™ code generator for Essential B-Tree library database programs;
    • FKE_Menu™ menu shell;
    • SignOff™ system access control/email program;
    • Makedoc™ documentation generator;
    • FoxBASE-to-C translator;
    • software development (CASE) tools;
    • DeSmet object-file disassembler;
    • "painting"/sketch pad program;
    • GIF file encoder/decoder library;
    • character-mode window routine library;
    • menu and editfield routine libraries;
    • mouse interface library;
    • embedded text editors;
    • database applications using C-ISAM libraries (Essential B-Tree and C/Database Toolchest);
    • sound generation routines;
    • DOS internals work, including support for TSR programs and applications;
  • FoxBASE applications development:
    • customer tracking and billing systems;
    • condominium sales management system;
    • library database system;
  • Aclimé Hair Salon, Los Angeles, Calif.:
    design and implement a "supervisor" program to enable reviews and updates of Essential B-Tree (C-ISAM) customer and order tracking database;
  • Meta Optimization Systems, Brookline, MA.:
    design and implement an installation program for their numerical processing engine, design and implement user interface enhancements;
  • Information Management Systems, Grafton, MA.:
    design and implement a program to add text to scanned form images, and print the merged documents on an HP LaserJet printer;
  • Auto Info Providers, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida:
    design and implement customer tracking, billing, and auto database entry & reporting systems. Started in FoxBASE, translated to C to improve copy protection & user interface; also performed network installation, operation & management, user support;
  • Digital Medicine Corporation, Cambridge, MA.:
    design and implement HP-compatible serial communications software for a portable electrocardiogram (EKG) machine, and a text printer driver. Code written Z80 assembler for the Hitachi 64180-based system. Development originally started on a DEC Rainbow under CP/M, completed on a PC clone, and partially tested using simulation software running under QNIX;
  • Digital Automation Corporation, Peabody, MA.:
    modification and development of Z-80 assembly language programs for controlling robotic systems for semiconductor manufacturing (diagnostics, communications, control functions), C programming under VAX/VMS, including user-interface software for the robotic systems, solids and dynamic modeling programs (graphic display routines, functional models), porting the user-interface routines to a PC under MS-DOS, and development of dynamic models of systems for motion analysis;
  • Discount Vehicle Leasing Corporation, Burlington, MA.:
    PC network system design, installation and setup lease management office's Lantastic network (originally installed in Bedford, NH, supervised move to Burlington and re-installation); customer support and training for applications software; software installation;
  • Theta Technologies, Braintree, MA.:
    hardware and software design and implementation of programmable pump controller, including PC board and silk-screen design, stepper motor driver, serial interface, and customer-supplied user-interface definition, system integration, C language program for controlling the pump from a PC, designed the communication protocol for the serial interface;
  • Comtron International, East Boston, MA.:
    redesign of coin-operated lottery advisement game, including user interface updates, power supply design, printer controller design and implementation, PC board design review and correction, accounting report definition and coding, RAM battery backup with detection of battery failure;
  • system design of a battery-powered 80C51 modem unit for an MIT researcher (hardware/software design);
  • system integration of PC-compatible computers;
  • operation of the FKE SpaceBoard BBS as a space-development information center.

General Instruments, Westwood, MA. Test Support Engineer. 11/1986 to 12/1986.
PL/M-86 and 8086 assembly programming and debugging of multi-processor real-time SONAR signal processing system, including interface to VAX running VMS. Job entailed travel to Japan for shipboard testing.

Analogic/MEL, Inc., Danvers, MA. Programmer. 8/1986 to 9/1986.
8344 [8051 assembly language] programming of protocol conversion board in SDLC-based medical system. (Unix programming environment).

United Computers of New England, Boston, MA. Service Manager. 6/1986.
System integration, network configuration, installation and maintenance, fault analysis of customer microprocessor systems, design, development, and implementation of repair tracking system.

Ideas, Inc., Norfolk, Va. System Engineer. 5/1986.
PL/M-86 code development and analysis for FAX image processor system using the iRMX operating system and an 80286 based processor board.

Burroughs Corporation, Rochester, NY. Software Engineer. 4/1985 to 10/1985.
8051 assembly language programming. Design, implement and debug user interface unit as a real-time, multi-tasking system, using prototype hardware and ICE-51 for debugging. Design and implement RAM-based data recording system and report generator for 8051-based microprocessor for integration in product's software package. Design and implement inter-processor communication protocol. Software documentation and technical writing. Write production test software for system PC boards and components. Enhancements to ISIS operating system including program to interface Okidata printers (8085 assembly language). MDS-235 development system maintenance and installation. Installation of Winchester disk units into MDS systems.

General Railway Signal, Rochester, NY. Test Engineer. 6/1984 to 1/1985.
8085, 8086 assembly programming of real-time test code using VMS-based development tools, C programming on IBM PC/XT, design test hardware for microprocessor systems, technical writing.

Moscom Corporation, E. Rochester, NY. Programmer. 5/1984.
6301 assembly programming of telephone cost management system in a Unix/C environment, 68000 programming (C and assembly).

Xerox Corporation, Webster, NY. Engineer. 2/1983 to 1/1984.
Engineering document scanner development, including high-speed digital system design; digital and analog video design analysis and debugging; system debugging and analysis using ICE-85, ICE-86, Tektronix DAS-9100; documentation; examining timing constraints; PL/M and assembly language programming of real-time user interface and machine control routines; computer-aided schematic drafting.

Geneseo Electronique, Geneseo, NY. President, Chief of Research & Development. 4/1982 to 1/1983.
This company originally started to build arcade-style video games. During two partnership changes, the target product was changed to a single-board computer, then to an inexpensive home computer. The home computer design was breadboarded and proceeded to the "search for funding" stage, but the company folded due to a lack of working capital.

  • Engineering functions:
    microprocessor system design (hardware [Z8000 and 8085 based] and software [assembly language programming: bootstrap code, BIOS for CP/M, device drivers, BASIC interpreter]), PC board layout, breadboard construction, component specification and selection, schematic drafting.
  • Management functions:
    advertising planning, negotiations with venture capital groups, banks and vendors, office supervision, financial projections, wrote business plans and policy manuals.
  • Other duties:
    space planning for office and production facilities, office construction, stationery and logo design.

Xerox Corporation, Henrietta, NY. System Design Analyst. 11/1981 to 4/1982.
Motorola 6800 disassembler, design analysis on laser printer system, technical writing: wrote a manual with theory of operation and detailed operating instructions, recommendations for future designs.

Trio-Tech International, Burbank, Calif. Software Engineer. 3/1980 to 9/1980.
Flow charts, 8085 assembly language programming, hardware debugging, selection and use of Hewlett-Packard logic analyzer, reduced ROM requirements by 33% from original design through code compaction, test procedures, technical writing including contributions to user's manual and program documentation.

Techtran Industries, Rochester, NY. Junior Engineer. 8/1979 to 3/1980.
8085 assembly language programming, debugging with Tektronix emulator system, digital design, selection of and interface design for 20-column printer, breadboard and troubleshooting of A/D converter system, RT-11 assembly language programming, installation and maintenance of 10-Mbyte disk system in PDP-11 minicomputer system, TECO programming including routines for automatically updating software progress reports, inspection and correction of PC board artworks, schematic drafting, test technician in engineering and production.

W. H. Nichols Company, Waltham, MA. Relay Logic Designer. 4/1979 to 6/1979.
Design relay controls for automatic machine tools using ladder logic.
First shift, concurrent with Applicon job below.

Applicon, Inc., Burlington, MA. Subassembly Test Technician. 4/1979 to 6/1979.
Testing CAD system components.
Second shift, concurrent with W. H. Nichols position above.

G & S Systems, Inc., N. Billerica, MA. Technician, Engineering Aide. 8/1977 to 4/1979.
Installation and field service, troubleshooting and repair I/O boards, debugging computer interface and AN/UYK-7 computer simulator, tech writing, wire and parts list generation, electronics design, schematic drafting, wrote PC board design and manufacturing specifications, breadboard construction and checking, inspection and correction of PC board artworks, drawing and revision file maintenance, engineering-drafting department liaison, supervised equipment calibration, interfaced with vendors, rewrote quality control procedures to reflect current requirements.

Foxboro Corporation, Mansfield, MA. Senior Wiring Technician. 5/1977 to 8/1977.

DeLaval Separator Company, Hyde Park, MA. Expediter. 2/1977 to 5/1977.
part and materials expediting during plant closing. All machines were shipped before the scheduled closing date.

Northrup Corporation, Norwood, MA. Assistant Production Control Manager. 11/1976 to 2/1977.

Data Printer Corporation, Cambridge, MA. Mechanical Assembler. 3/1976 to 10/1976.

Rochester Instrument Systems, Rochester, NY. General Assembler. 5/1975 to 9/1975.

MIT Space Propulsion Lab, Cambridge, MA. Research Assistant. 9/1973 to 5/1974.



Geneseo Central High School, Geneseo, NY.
Graduated valedictorian 1973
studies included math, science, mechanical drawing, shop, typing, and programming

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.
fall 1973 - winter 1975.
Specified major: Aerospace Engineering. studies included electronics, solid-state chemistry, programming

Shawsheen Valley Technical School, N. Billerica, MA.
fall 1978 - May 1979.
One year/nights, certificate in photography

School of Experience
spring 1975 to present
I started as an electronic assembler in 1975, and taught myself the industry, rising through the ranks to the level of engineer. My businesses and other life experiences gave me a solid understanding of business operations, many potential problems that may arise, and an awareness of how to develop solutions to them. I constantly study, at work and in my spare time, to keep my knowledge current, and to stay informed about relevant issues.



available on request


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